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Graduate Student Network

Graduate Student Scholarships are available now for the 2015 conference. Click here for details.

The Graduate Student Network is a community of graduate students from all over the world who are interested in advancing research on service-learning and community engagement from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are an active, evolving, member driven network with new ideas and an environment that values and appreciates your ideas. As an affiliate community of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) we provides access to the following:

  • Research advancement opportunities
  • Professional development workshops at the annual IARSLCE conference
  • A graduate-student only listserv
  • Mentoring opportunities with established scholars
  • Professional development workshops throughout the year

Examples of opportunities that have been offered in the past year are webinars with leading scholars from the field of service-learning and community engagement, a mentor-mentee program for emerging and established scholars, editing and development opportunities with the Editorial Fellows initiative, and many other options for involvement with the Graduate Student Network.

With specific questions or to join, please e-mail Stacey Muse and include your graduate program and institution. See Graduate Student Network’s website for more information:

Graduate Student Network Google Group

The Graduate Student Network Google Group provides a forum for the discussion of issues concerning graduate students of the service-learning and community engagement community. We encourage you to use it to communicate and share resources with other graduate students interested in research on community engagement, service-learning, and related topics. Graduate Student Network discussions can evolve around methodological approaches, best practices, dissertation and thesis writing, announcing fellowships, graduate assistantships, and professional positions, grants supporting graduate student research and professional development, publishing inquiries, curriculum requests, class assignments, the institutionalization of service-learning, and general advice and guidance for the field.

The Graduate Student Network Google Group of IARSLCE is open to any graduate student who expresses interest in the field. Membership of the Graduate Student Network Google Group is open to both members and non-members of IARSLCE in order to expand the network and increase access to resources, input, and feedback among graduate students in the field.

Please e-mail Stacey Muse if you would like to be added to the Google Group. Please include your name, e-mail, graduate program, and institution.

Graduate Student Network on Facebook

Hang out with peers and other researchers at Graduate Student Network on Facebook – just search for IARSLCE Graduate Student Network. To join, create your Facebook profile, search for and add “IARSLCE Graduate Student Network”.  Join Us!

Graduate Student Network on Twitter

Follow Graduate Student Network on Twitter.  Twitter is a micro-blogging service which allows groups and individuals to share information and communicate in various ways through “tweets” of 140 or fewer characters.  Check out our Twitter page by clicking here, and follow us today to find out the latest happenings in the Graduate Student Network and connect with fellow graduate students interested in service-learning and community engagement.